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Nebraska Department of Revenue

Nebraska Department of Revenue

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Current Year Individual Income Tax

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2018 Individual Income Tax Booklet —  Including forms, instructions, tables, and additional information (12/2018)

Form 1040N - 2018 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return  (12/2018)

Form 1040N - 2018 Nebraska Schedules I, II, and III  (12/2018)
Note: All three schedules are on one form:

  • Nebraska Schedule I -- Nebraska Adjustments to Income for Nebraska Residents, Nonresidents, and Partial-Year Residents
  • Nebraska Schedule II -- Credit for Tax Paid to Another State for Full-Year Residents Only
  • Nebraska Schedule III -- Computation of Nebraska Tax for Nonresidents and Partial-Year Residents Only

Other 2018 Forms Individuals May Need

Form 1040XN, Amended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return - select appropriate year:

    • Tips for Filing a Form 1040XN

2019 Form 1040N-ES, Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers (12/2018)

2018 Form 1040N-ES, Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers (10/2018)

2018 Nebraska Tax Table, including Local Sales an Use Tax Codes and Rates (12/2018)

2018 Public High School District Codes (12/2018)

2018 Nebraska Tax Calculation Schedule for Individual Income Tax  (12/2018)

Identity Theft Resource Page

Prior Years' Income Tax Forms:

Mail your Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return to one of the following addresses –
Refund returns or returns without payment:
PO BOX 98912
LINCOLN NE 68509-8912
Returns with payment:
PO BOX 98934
LINCOLN NE 68509-8934

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