2013 Individual Income Tax Forms

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2013 Individual Income Tax Booklet – Including forms, instructions, tables, and additional information  (12/2013)

Form 1040N - 2013 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return  (12/10/2013

Form 1040N - 2013 Nebraska Schedules I, II, and III  (12/10/2013)
Note: All three schedules are on one form:

Form 1040XN - 2013 Amended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return (01/2014)

2013 Nebraska Tax Table, including Additional Tax Rate Schedule for line 15 and Local Rate Schedule and Use Tax Codes  (12/2013)

2013 Public High School District Codes (12/2013)

2013 Nebraska Tax Calculation Schedule for Individual Income Tax  (11/2013)

2014 Form 1040N-ES - Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher (12/2013)