2014 Estimated Income Tax Payments

The timely payment dates for estimated payments scheduled when e-filing a calendar- year 2013 return are:

Please do not schedule estimated income tax payment requests dated later than January 16, 2015 with returns or the Department will cancel the payment.

2013 Final Payments

A return that includes an Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) payment request must be accepted by Nebraska on or before the April 15, 2014 due date to be considered timely.

High School District Codes

Only valid High School District codes may be submitted to the Department. Returns will be rejected if the High School District code included with the return is shown as all 9s, all zeroes, or is not in the High School District Code Table published by the Department.

Form 8453N

Form 8453N with documentation should only be mailed or faxed to the Department when an alert has been sent requesting additional documentation. The alert will be included in the accepted acknowledgement from your software provider. For additional information see Software Developer Bulletin #2.