REG-1-043, Containers

043.01 Container means the materials used to contain, cover, wrap, or package a product for sale, shipment, or delivery. Containers include boxes, bottles, cans, bags, sacks, and wrapping materials, such as paper, tape, string, and labels. Containers designed for use on transportation equipment are discussed in Regulation 1-069, Common and Contract Carriers.

043.02 Containers are either returnable containers or nonreturnable containers.

043.02A Returnable container means a reusable container that is normally returned to the seller by the buyer of the contents of the container. A returnable container includes any container on which there is a deposit that is refunded to the purchaser of the contents when the container is returned.

043.02B Nonreturnable containers are all containers that are not returnable containers.

043.03 Returnable containers are taxable when sold or rented to the person who will place the contents in the container.

043.03A The collecting or refunding of deposits on returnable containers is exempt.

043.04 Empty nonreturnable containers are exempt if purchased by a person who will fill the container and sell the contents and the container together.

043.04A Empty nonreturnable containers are taxed if purchased by a person who will not sell the contents or will remove the contents from the container before sale.

043.05 Any charge for a container, for wrapping an item, or filling a container, is taxable, except if the contents are sold at the same time and the contents are exempt, the charge is exempt.

043.05A The person charging for the container, for wrapping, or for filling may purchase the container or the materials used for resale.

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