REG-1-012, Exemptions

012.01 Certain transactions are exempt from sales and use taxes. Transactions may be exempt because of:

012.01A The seller (entity-based exemption);

012.01B The item sold (product-based exemption);

012.01C The buyer (entity-based exemption);

012.01D The buyer's intended use of the item (use-based exemption); or

012.01E A combination of two or more of these characteristics.

012.02 There is no single, comprehensive list of transactions, items, entities, and uses that are exempt from sales and use taxes. Each transaction must be evaluated individually to determine if an exemption applies. Refer to the website of the Nebraska Department of Revenue ( for a list of most exemptions and separate regulations that define, explain, and describe limitations on the exemptions.

(Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง 77-2712.05(3). June 24, 2017.)