GIL 1-16-1 Sales and Use Tax: Streaming Television

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May 11, 2016

Dear XXXX:

This correspondence is in response to your April 18, 2016 inquiry regarding the taxation of Internet protocol television and video service. Based on the information contained in your letter we are providing this General Information Letter (GIL).

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As provided in Revenue Ruling 01-11-3, sales of products defined as “digital audio-visual works” are subject to tax when sold to the end user. Digital audio-visual works is defined as a series of images which, when shown in succession, impart an impression of motion. Included within the definition are videos, news and other television programs, and live events. Therefore, sales of both Internet protocol television and streaming video services are subject to tax as the sale of digital audio-visual works. Such sales are subject to tax when delivered or transferred to servers or other electronic devices in Nebraska.

The sale of digital audio-visual works is taxable whether the purchaser receives a permanent or temporary right of use. Persons operating under a certificate from the FCC with the right or license to rebroadcast the digital audiovisual work to the general public by television or other means are not considered an “end user” and may purchase the item for resale.

For the Tax Commissioner


Ellen Thompson
Tax Specialist
Policy Section