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Nebraska Advantage Act Incentive Computation,
Form 312N

for use with Forms 1120N, 1120-SN, 1120NF, 1065N, 1041N, and 1040N

Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 Applications | Tier 5 Applications | Tier 6 Applications

Any taxpayer who has filed an application for a Nebraska Advantage Act project must file Form 312N, with supporting schedules, for each year beginning with the filing of the application through the expiration of all incentives under the Act. Form 312N and supporting schedules must be filed as an attachment to the taxpayer's Nebraska income tax, financial institution, or partnership return.


  1. There are multiple versions of the schedules and instructions for this form that are based on your tier and application date. You must use the appropriate version to calculate benefits correctly. To find the tier and application date of your project, please refer to page 1 of your Nebraska Advantage Act Agreement.
  2. Taxpayers with multiple projects may need to use different versions of the forms for each project.
  3. Open an additional window of instructions to click on hyperlinked information freely. Otherwise, you may lose previously entered data on the forms.

Tiers 1, 2, 3, or 4 Application Date:

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Tier 5 Application Date:

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Tier 6 Application Date:

Form 312XN - Amended Nebraska Advantage Act Incentive Computation

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