Quality Jobs Act
Description of Benefits

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General Information:

The Quality Jobs Act (LB 829) allowed a qualified business to receive a wage benefit credit, or retain payroll withholding tax. The Quality Jobs Act required a separate application subject to approval by the Quality Jobs Board.  The members of the board were the Governor, the State Treasurer, and the chairperson of the Nebraska Investment Council. 

Application Information:

No new Quality Jobs Act applications could be filed after February 1, 2000.

Requirements by Application Level:

There were two levels that qualified companies could choose from:

  • $50 million investment in qualified property and at least 500 new full time equivalent (FTE) employees hired; and
  • $100 million in investment in qualified property and at least 250 new FTE employees hired.


A company that reached and maintained the selected levels was eligible for a wage benefit credit.  The company was to expend at least the value of the wage benefit credit for company training programs, employee benefit programs, educational institution training programs, or workplace safety programs.  The company’s agreement specifies whether the the election has been made to use the credit against the company’s income tax, or to retain a portion of the taxpayer's employer's payroll withholding tax liability as designated by the employees. 

Activity as of December 31, 2009:

Credits were allowed under LB 829; however, to maintain confidentiality, no information is reported.

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