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Nebraska Department of Revenue

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Employment & Investment Growth Act
Electronic Payments

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This guidance document is advisory in nature but is binding on the Nebraska Department of Revenue (Department) until amended. A guidance document does not include internal procedural documents that only affect the internal operations of the Department and does not impose additional requirements or penalties on regulated parties or include confidential information or rules and regulations made in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. If you believe that this guidance document imposes additional requirements or penalties on regulated parties, you may request a review of the document.

This guidance document may change with updated information or added examples. The Department recommends you do not print this document. Instead, sign up for the subscription service at revenue.nebraska.gov to get updates on your topics of interest.

The State Treasurer and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) have mandated that payments exceeding a certain dollar scope, currently $25,000 or more, must be made electronically. This procedure will apply to Claims for Overpayment of Sales and Use Tax, Forms 7, filed under the Employment and Investment Growth Act. If one or more Forms 7, which are to be paid on a certain date, accumulate to $25,000 or more, then the payment must be made electronically.

A State Treasurer ACH Enrollment Form is linked at the bottom of this page. Please complete this form with your financial institution and return it to:

Department of Revenue
Finance Section
PO Box 98944
Lincoln, NE 68509-8944

DAS will verify the information through an ACH pre-notification to your financial institution. Once this is completed, the Department will be able to process an electronic payment. The information received will be considered to be current unless a new ACH Enrollment Form is filed by the company with the Department.

The refund claim payment for any Form(s) 7 which exceeds the $25,000 will be delayed if the ACH Enrollment Form for the applicable company has not been filed with the Department.

You may elect to receive the refund claim payments for the Forms 7 electronically even if the claims do not meet the $25,000 threshold. Please return the ACH Enrollment Form to the address above if this is your election.

The Department intends to make all payments electronically to any company with a completed ACH Enrollment Form even if the refund claim filed is less than $25,000.

A company which has already submitted an ACH Enrollment Form does not need to re-file unless there is a change to the information previously reported on the form.

If you have any questions, you may contact Deb Bray at 402-471-5833; or you may contact the State Treasurer's Office at 402-471-2455.

State Treasurer ACH Enrollment Form


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