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FREE Nebraska Individual Income Tax E-filing

The NebFile for Individuals e-file system is closed for annual maintenance to prepare the system for the upcoming 2016 filing season. Sign up for our subscription service to be notified when NebFile for Individuals will be available for filing 2015 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Returns.

Click Here to Begin

The NebFile system allows Nebraska resident taxpayers to file their state income tax return  FREE over the Internet. Eligibility requirements and capabilities are listed below and on the NebFile system help screens. NebFile is not tax preparation software, but it will do simple calculations and table look-ups for you. The NebFile system allows you to file a Form 1040N and Schedule I, with some limitations.

NebFile FAQs

What is NebFile?

NebFile is a method for you to electronically file your Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return over the Internet, and is FREE to use. It is limited to full-year Nebraska residents and has other eligibility requirements (see the next question).

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Who is eligible to use NebFile?

Click here for eligibility requirements.

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I did not file a Nebraska tax return last year. Can I still use NebFile?

Yes. You need to have a PIN to access the NebFile system. If you have a valid Nebraska driver’s license you can be immediately assigned a PIN. If you do not have a valid Nebraska driver’s license, you must complete an online registration, after which you will be emailed a NebFile PIN. 

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I lost my postcard. Can I still get a NebFile PIN?

Yes. When you connect to the NebFile system, you will find a link on the Login page where you can look up your PIN.

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I didn't receive a postcard. How do I get a NebFile PIN?

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, but didn't receive a booklet or postcard (due to a move or some other reason), you can still get your PIN using the PIN lookup function on the NebFile login page.

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The NebFile system locked me out. How do I regain access?

If you answer all eligibility questions correctly and the system locks you out, then you are not eligible to use NebFile. If you have made a mistake in answering those questions and believe you are eligible to use NebFile, contact the Department at 800-742-7474 or 402-471-5729, and ask to have your PIN reset.

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What must I do to get ready to use NebFile?

Before using the NebFile system:

  • Verify that you are eligible to use NebFile;
  • Obtain your NebFile PIN from the NebFile login page - you will need your Nebraska Driver's License number and your Social Security number;
  • Make sure you have ALL of your Forms W-2 and 1099 showing Nebraska withholding; and
  • Have a copy of your current year completed federal tax return to look at when entering federal data into NebFile.

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Why is the amount of tax different when filing electronically than when I look it up in the Tax Table?

The tax shown on your return may be slightly different, depending on the method used to determine tax.

There are two acceptable methods that may be used to determine tax:

The Tax Calculation Schedule is a mathematical calculation of the tax using the tax rate for the different income brackets.

TheTax Commissioner is required by statute to provide the Tax Table to taxpayers as a tool to determine their tax without a mathematical formula. The Tax Table uses a range of income levels and calculates tax at the midpoint of the income range. The income ranges used are in $100 increments as shown in the example below.

Tax Table Sample

The table below shows both the Tax Calculation Schedule computation and theTax Table amount for a single taxpayer in the Tax Table range of $31,560 - $31,660:

Tax Rate
Tax Table
$ 31,560  
$  1,399.00
$  1,402.00
$ 31,610  
$  1,402.00
$  1,402.00
$ 31,659  
$  1,406.00
$  1,402.00

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What are the benefits of using NebFile?

The biggest benefit is a faster refund. When your tax return is electronically transmitted, it gets processed almost immediately. This means your refund will be issued faster; and if you use direct deposit, your refund can be automatically credited to your bank account. E-file is also easier and more accurate. You will be asked a series of questions that you must answer, and the math and tax law work is done by the computer. After you submit your return, you will receive a confirmation that the return was received. Finally, any e-filed return costs your government less to process, and so is just the right thing to do.

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Does the NebFile system prepare my return for me?

NebFile is not tax preparation software, but it will do simple calculations and table look-ups for you. You will be required to answer some questions, and to enter data from your federal return.

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How does NebFile differ from Federal/State online filing?

Federal/State online filing is when you access commercially written software that is on the software company’s Internet server, and use it to enter your federal and state tax returns. NebFile is on a state-owned Internet server and uses software produced by the state. There is typically a fee charged for using the Federal/State commercially written software, whereas there is no cost for using NebFile. Commercially written Federal/State e-file software is designed to assist you to prepare your return, and is capable of preparing more complicated returns, including nonresident and partial-year resident returns. NebFile is designed to handle basic resident returns, and requires you to have already completed your federal return in a separate process.

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What should I do if I make a mistake when entering my tax information into the NebFile system?

You can navigate backwards and forwards through the return so that you can change information you entered. If you make a mistake entering information on any page, you can return to that page to make changes. However, if you’ve submitted your return and received a confirmation number, you cannot make further changes. If you need to make a change at this point, you will need to file an amended return. If you need to amend your return, contact our Taxpayer Assistance at 800-742-7474 or 402-471-5729.

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Who is responsible if there are errors on the return?

The responsibility for an accurate tax return still rests with the taxpayer. It is your responsibility to enter all information completely and accurately. Before you begin, be sure to have all information you will need to complete your return ready, including your federal return, and all 1099 and W-2 forms that show Nebraska withholding. Always verify the information on your return before submitting it.

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What paperwork do I need to keep if I file using NebFile?

After you submit your return, you will have the opportunity to print or save a copy of your return, showing your Confirmation Number. You should retain this for your records, along with your federal return and withholding documentation (Forms W-2 and 1099). If you are unable to print the copy of your form, write down and keep your Confirmation Number.

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Can I get a copy of my return after I've filed?

Yes. During the tax year, you may log in to the NebFile program and print a copy of your return.

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Is filing through the Internet secure?

The NebFile system is a product of the State of Nebraska, and is located on a secure website.

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Can I get my refund or pay my taxes electronically, too?

If you have a refund, you can have it directly deposited to your chosen financial institution account. If you have a balance due you can make your payment using the department’s online e-pay system or by credit card. These options allow you to make your filing totally paperless. You also have the option to pay your taxes by check or money order. The NebFile system gives you the option of printing a Nebraska Form 1040N-V Payment Voucher that you should attach to your check or money order. CLICK HERE to make your payment.

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